fishy smell discharge

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Fishy smell discharge

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Fishy smell discharge

From: Marilyn Walter
Fremont, California

          Causes of Fishy Smell Discharge

Fishy smell discharge may be commonly experienced by women. Of course, every woman who experiences this kind of discharge would find a safe and effective solution to it. And so, they keep on seeking out for a safe and efficient solution to this kind of issue.

This kind of unpleasant sexual issue may bring embarrassment especially to the women who have this. But, they should not be worried and depressed for there are a lot of medical companies now offering supplements and medications which could treat this kind of issue.

This is very common sexual issue that almost all of the women of today experiences. If the smelly discharge does not stop or still persists, then it is but proper to seek the advice of the medical expert. Visit your doctor now to be able to determine proper treatments on this kind of case.

Fishy smell discharge may be caused by certain reasons and causes such as too much washing of the vagina. Too much washing of the vaginal area may also wash away the natural lubricants which are present in the vaginal area.

With washing away the natural lubricants and good bacteria within the vaginal area, possible growth of bad bacteria which causes infection may occur. Also, take note of the vaginal soap that you are using. Use only those that suit you well and avoid using vaginal wash which contains perfumes or chemical substances that may irritate the vaginal area.

Medical experts would also recommend you to use thin panty liners for it absorbs the smelly discharge from the vagina. This would somehow help in minimizing odor within the area. Just make sure that the panty liner suits you well and do not again irritate the vaginal area.

Fishy smell discharge may also be caused by an imbalance of the good bacteria versus the bad bacteria. Good bacteria have overcome by the bad bacteria which causes this smelly discharge within the vaginal area. Sometimes, it even causes an itchy feeling and a burning sensation as well.

Bacterial Vaginosis is the often outcome of this said sexual issue. Women who have this kind of bacterial infection should not worry that much because there are certain medications for this. You can also visit your doctor for proper recommendation of medications as well as guidance on what are the dos and don’ts of having such infection.

Furthermore, having a fishy smell discharge is not that dangerous unless not treated immediately in a safe manner.

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